Religious Experience

This post is about a religious experience, many people do not know what a religious experience is an experience with religious significance e.g. the act of worship in a religious setting. There are many religious experiences I could talk about, but I want to talk about this one in particular is the holy spirit falling upon people. Many people think that this if fake but I believe its real, i feel like the holy spirit can come down and touch people, and talk through people. I also believe that there can be demons inside people and that someone can pray for you and the holy spirit can come in you and you can speak the language of tongues. Religious experience like that are way more realistic than “A statue of Virgin Mary crying supposedly crying “blood””. That type of religious experience seems so bogus, I mean come on what type of statue cries blood!?!?!?!?! blood?!?!can you imagine!?! personally I think that is a bunch of baloney but feel free to express/share your opinion?!


6 thoughts on “Religious Experience

  1. I am very familiar with witnessing individuals speaking in tongues etc, this does occur quite often in my church (Pentecostal) I personally feel that Religious experiences occur when the mind and body is completely out of its comfort zone. It could also be linked to the chemistry within our bodies and adrenaline when we are in certain conditions. Have you felt that you were a part of a Religious experience? Do you think it may be due to the brain and the body not being in its ”normal” state?

    • I understand where you are coming from about the mind and body not being out of its comfort zone and I think maybe it could be to do with that seeing as many people have there religious experiences when they are not in the “normal” state of mind e.g fasting etc but I also think that it doesn’t matter whether you’re in the right state of mind because it’s up to God when he was to come to you, he gets to decide when the time is right.

      • Indeed, it is God’s decision whether he would like for an individual to feel his presence through Religious experience. However if a person does fast and later has a religious experience, are we right to question the individual based on their lack of food or should we automatically believe them due to the fact that it is up to God whether you experience something or not?

      • Yes we are right to question the individual but we also it’s wrong to question the power of God, so it’s a lose lose situation really. I guess it just depends on how people will see things and how they would go about it

  2. This is great dialogue between you two! Some very interesting ideas on both the psychology of religious experience and the religious belief in experiences of some kind of divine or ‘other’. It is interesting to note what seems to you as a ‘normal’ or regular experience of witnessing people speak in tongues where for some religious believers this is as incredulous as statues crying blood – however if you are to accept one type of experience and not the other you are in someways acting hypocritical and in doing so some people may discredit your experiences of speaking in tongues also – its an all or nothing approach!

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