The idea of Religion and Science

I believe in Religion and Science, but I mainly believe in Religion. There are something that Religion can not answer but Science can! So if they cant answer it why believe in the side that has no answer or evidence? I’m mainly an theistic believer- I see God as the source of our lives and the way to make sense of life. Divine creative goodness is what makes life so wonderful! but also I see the universe as a circle, what goes around comes around. Life is a great experience wouldn’t you say so?


Miracles-Thomas Aquinas, Richard Swinburne & Ray Holland.

Thomas Aquinas believed that miracles were ‘those things done by divine power apart from the order usually followed in things’, this meant that God can do what he wants to do with his creation. He basically said a miracle is something that breaks the law of nature.

 For him there were three types of miracles:

1. An event done by God which nature could not do

2. An event done by God which nature could do e.g. being saved from an terminal illness or becoming un-paralysed.

3.An event done which nature could do but without using the principles or forces of nature. e.g. recovering from a cold quicker than usual could be seen as another miracle.